Receive our holistic care at regular intervals.

As one of the most common hospice care services, routine care involves the hospice team regularly visiting the patient to address their health, emotional, and spiritual needs. Patients can receive routine care in their place of residence— whether at their home or a care facility. During their scheduled visit, our professionals will monitor the patient’s health status, manage their pain, and educate their primary caregiver about what to do in challenging situations. Our routine care service is readily available. However, we must emphasize that routine care’s scope doesn’t include round-the-clock care. Nonetheless, we have our responsive staff available on-call 24/7 because we recognize how emergencies emerge at the most unexpected times, especially in the context of hospice care. With our routine visits, Sirius Hospice, Inc. aims to help clients spend a meaningful time with their loved ones!

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In every step we take, we want our clients to feel comfortable and empowered. Hence, we encourage you to contact us whenever you need our guidance. To have us address your concerns, you may contact 818-946-8088 or leave an online message.