Learn about the dedicated professionals who will provide you with a worthwhile hospice care experience.

The hospice industry involves serving a diverse array of people who take the reality of having a terminal illness differently. Hence, our hospice team at Sirius Hospice, Inc. consists only of the most reliable, patient, and understanding professionals who place the patient’s satisfaction above all else. We are driven to inspire our patients to pursue how they wish to spend their remaining days. And thus, our hospice team will work closely with the patients and their loved ones to deliver the best hospice care experience they deserve.

Our dependable hospice team at Sirius Hospice, Inc. includes the following professionals:

  • Nursing Professionals
  • Certified Nursing Aids
  • Hospice Chaplains
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Hospice Volunteers
  • Among other professionals

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In every step we take, we want our clients to feel comfortable and empowered. Hence, we encourage you to contact us whenever you need our guidance. To have us address your concerns, you may contact 818-946-8088 or leave an online message.