Signs Your Loved One May Require Extra Attention


Your elderly loved one might not notice how they’re feeling or could try to hide how they truly feel, making it up to you to see whether there has been a shift in their health or if they require more senior assistance.

If you or a loved one can learn to detect the warning signals of deteriorating health, you can promptly get them the appropriate care.

A home health aide or an assisted living facility may be necessary to provide the essential care.

But sometimes, hospice care may be the best option for extra support for warning signs, such as:

  • Persistent or recurrent health problems
    Various illnesses, including pneumonia, UTIs, and skin infections, are more likely to strike a person whose health is deteriorating. We send in skilled hospice nurses to take care of patients needing this continuous care around the clock for a limited time.
  • Frequent difficulties doing daily activities
    When a patient’s health starts to decline, it’s common to see their bodies become weak. If they need assistance with daily activities when they were previously able to do so without help, they may benefit from our hospice care services in California.
  • Multiple ER trips/hospitalizations
    If your loved ones keep going back and forth to the hospital for their condition, it may be time to improve the amount of care they receive so that they can treat their symptoms in the comfort of their homes.

Sirius Hospice, Inc. is a reliable hospice provider in Los Angeles, California, that commits to providing our clients with the highest quality hospice care possible as they approach the end of their lives.

We’re happy to serve and help you with your hospice needs if you require our services!

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